Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm Missing You like Candy

It's no secret that I have a perfume addiction. I can't get enough. Prada fragrances will always hold a special place in my heart. On a recent walk to work, I took a "short-cut" through Macy's Herald Square and found myself in the perfume section. It happens more often than I'd like to admit.

A free gift with purchase of a Prada fragrance? Well, don't mind if I do.
Prada Candy, one of their latest fragrance offerings was calling my name. I bought the set, which comes with a generous sample bottle, a full size Candy lotion, and the 2.7oz Candy Eau de Parfum. A nice, obnoxiously hot pink cosmetics bag was a free bonus.

 For lack of a better description, this stuff is like candy in a bottle. But a slightly snooty candy in a really fancy glass bottle. 
I mean, this is Prada, girl.

For whatever unknown reason, Macy's doesn't have Prada Candy available on their website.
I will link you to Nordstrom instead. 
You lose this time, Macy's. But you know I'll be back in the maze of Herald Square next week before work. 
You saucy little minx, you.

If you've been missing my blog posts:
1. thank you! 
2. your life makes me a little sad 
3. I missed you too! 
4. I've been posting videos like crazy on YouTube, so please find me there! 
5. there is no five... I just can't believe you're still reading this post


  1. I still haven't smelled this stuff. It's probably best that I don't though--I have enough perfume to last a lifetime.

    BTW: Your YouTube link keeps taking me back to I'd love to be able to watch your videos!

    1. oops, thanks for letting me know! the link has been fixed!! :)

  2. Hello Princess, I just discovered your blog and stylish, you have a new follower.

    I invite you to meet my blog and if you like, I would love to follow me.

    A big hug, PersonalStyle.

  3. Nice parfume! The box is also pretty. Nice blog!


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