Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy little handbag!

Coach is one of those brands that has experienced a dramatic shift over the last few years. No longer are the bags riddled with the now-dated-looking-monograms. The designs are more modern and the Coach logos are more subtle... and more my taste!

The Madison handbag collection is really dreamy. Soft leather and slouchy designs are all the rage on the Coach website, and I've fallen for them once again!

The latest handbag to join my growing collection: 
Coach Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel (link!)

The vibrant fuchsia with silver hardware is certainly unlike anything else I own. This is not a handbag that you can hide. I've worn it proudly the last few days and it definitely elicits a few comments (positive ones!) and stares. I am a happy lady since this has made it's way into my closet :)

I really have to thank the lovely people over at LookTv for this bag. They held a contest on their YouTube page, and I was one of the 3 winners! Check out their channel for some really fab content!

-me and my sister have a few items up on ebay, if you're in the mood to shop. we'll be adding more soon as well! (link!)
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  1. Ugh, I hope this means that the monogramed canvas bags of yore are truly history! This is super cute. I checked it out and the "parchment" version just might be calling my name... Yep, I can hear it!

  2. Gorgeous bag!!

  3. It's official...I'm crushing on your new handbag :)

  4. This is a fab bag and what a lovely color. Nice pick!:D

    - Marie


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