Friday, August 10, 2012

The Elusive White Dress

For what seems like forever (slight exaggeration), I have been on the hunt for a white, lace dress. I've had to suffer watching cute girls on the streets of NYC, sauntering about in their adorable dresses, while I'm left cursing whatever dress I've got on that I promptly label as hideous in comparison.

It's not that I couldn't find white, lace dresses in stores. They are pretty plentiful. Forever 21 and H&M seem to have cornered the market on these. The big problem is in fact a sizing issue. White, lace dresses are notoriously short. As they should be - they just look all the more adorable when they are mini! Unfortunately I've been cursed with being 5'7. Damn you genetics!! While I quite like being 5'7 on a normal day, I'm not interested in showing my bum off in one of these white, lace dresses.

Enter Target. The mecca of cheap inexpensive housewares, beauty products, shoes and clothing. I wasn't specifically looking for it. But there it was. In the Junior's/Contemporary section which I sheepishly still shop in (I CAN'T QUIT YOU, JUNIORS).

A white lace dress that practically grazes my knees! Cue the choir! I actually purchased the dress in a Size Large in the hopes that the dress would be more of a shift-style-with-a-60s-mod-feel rather than a fitted-tacky-style.

I think it works! I've paired it with brown/cognac/gold accessories. A winner!

Dress: Target (link)
Shoes: Mossimo at Target (link)
Bag: Coach Legacy Mini Sadle (link)
Denim Vest (below): H&M
Sunglasses: Oscar by Oscar de la Renta
Nails: Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams
iPhone case: Amazon
Watch: Michael Kors (link)

If you noticed, the mess behind me in theses photos is most definitely a hotel room. I took an extended weekend vacation down to Wilmington, North Carolina. It was beautiful! You might recognize Wilmington as the filming location of Dawson's Creek (a fav of mine!), One Tree Hill and hundreds of movies (A Walk to Remember, etc.).

It's a quaint town with so much charm. I also ate my weight in biscuits, grits, and seafood. 

Insert photo of the World's Greatest Eggs (as crowned by me and my sister) - Dixie Grill in Wilmington, NC. 

Did you see how I snuck in my new Coach bag?
Another post to come with details :)


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